Getting to Know Gypsy Wigz


Welcome to the World of Gypsy Wigz

How did you come up with the name Gypsy Wigz? When did you start making wigs? Who is behind the curtain of Gypsy Wigz?

There might be some mystery when it comes to our website and business Gypsy Wigz. There isn't a face to the name, and if you have seen our faces you might be accquainted with us in New York City. Gypsy Wigz is a wig business specializing in custom made-to-order wigs for every occasion.

Now who is[are] the face[s] of Gypsy Wigz?

Carlos is the head of Gypsy Wigz--master of wiggotry and hair. Carlos not only styles the wigs: he consults with customers with restylings mostly locally in New York City, does custom dye jobs, ventilates custom hairlines, and most importantly creates magic with hairspray, a brush, and lots of creativity.

I'm Drew, his partner. I manage the website, custom order requests, shipping labels, and more of the technical side of the business. Currently I am learning little by little about the styling process in regards to curler sets and teasing--but definitely am no expert yet.  In my free time I have two other jobs while also finding time to audition as a singer and performer here in New York. If you have ever had a conversation via the website or Facebook page, you have probably talked with me.

How did we come up with the name "Gypsy Wigz"?

It was all Carlos' idea really, he wanted a unique name, but also one that was simple and to the point. In fact I think we were walking to the grocery store one day and it just popped in his head. I thought it was catchy and so it stuck. Funny enough there is a band named "Gypsy Wig" which is why we added a "z" so that we wouldn't be mistaken for a rock and roll band.

How long has Carlos been making wigs?

Carlos has been making wigs for over 6 years now going on 7. He has grown a lot and is still learning new styles and techniques everyday with every new style that has to create. 

So there you have it, the two faces running Gypsy Wigz! But we alone could not be as successful without all the amazing wig-wearers worldwide. So thank you for coming back again and again for buying our custom made items, checking out our work Facebook page, and liking our instagram posts.

We love you!

P.S. What should our next blog be about? What else would you like to know about Gypsy Wigz? Does the process of wig making interest you? Let us know!



The Gypsy Wigz Team